Hydraulic Four Post Lift ESW-6340C

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Hydraulic Four Post Lift 

Model: ESW-6340C 


1. Adopt the electric release, manual and pneumatic release.

2. Hydraulic power unit configuration throttling device, they can always adjust the rate of decline.

3. Hydraulic cylinder drive, rope drive, quiet and smooth lifting.

4. With wire control security lock, with a wire rope fracture protection, operation safety.

5. Adopt electrical release, eight—point locking system, easy to operate.

6. Can be locked in the desired height of operation, safety and reliablity.
7. Runway spacing is adjustable for different wheel base vehicle.
8. With the second lift pulley, can adopt the manual release, pneumatic release and hydraulic.


Technical specifications:

Lifting capacity: 4000kg

Lifting height: (Main) 1500mm (Jack) 350mm
Min. height: 200mm

Lifting time: 50s—60s

Length of the platform: 4200mm/4500mm/5000mm
Platform width: 550mm

Motor power: 2.2kw-400v/2.2kw-230v

Oil pressure rating: 24Mpa

Air pressure: 0.6-0.8 MPa

Weight: 1250kg



Three years warranty on structure. One year warranty on parts.

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