(2pcs) 8mm to 6mm Pneumatic Push In Elbow Tube-to-Tube Adaptor

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Designed for use with pneumatic piping, this handy pneumatic elbow tube-to-tube adapter features a convenient one-touch push-to-connect configuration. Since it can cope with high pressure, this adapter is typically used in gas cylinders and for oxygen supplies.

The adapter is designed for piping in tight spaces with its six-angle wrench. Its nickel-plated brass body protects it from corrosion and contamination. With a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar and temperature of +60°C, this adapter is best suited for application with dry air systems.

The thermoplastic material provides insulation and abrasion resistance. Disconnecting the adapter is very straightforward – simply push the polyoxymethylene sleeve and then remove the tube from the fitting. To maintain a tight fit and for easy coupling, its threads are coated in Teflon.

This adapter has been stringently tested by our engineers to ensure durability and consistency. It's commonly found in used in air motors or compressors.

Features and Benefits

• Pneumatic elbow tube-to-tube adapter
• Push-in 8 mm to push-in 8 mm tube connection
• Operating temperature range of 0°C to +60°C
• Nickel-plated brass body material
• Maximum operating pressure of 10 bar