OTCL500 Dual Functions Brake Disc Lathe

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1. Basing on the actual axis of rotation, completely solve the problem of brake pedal dithering, brake disc rust, brake deviation and brake noise.

2. Eliminate the assembly error when disassembling and assembling the brake disc.

3. On the car repair without the need of disassembling the brake disc to save labor and time.

4. lt is convenient for the technicians to compare the run-out tolerance before and after cutting brake disc.

5. Save cost, powerfully shorten the repair time, and reduce client’ s complaint.

6. Cut the brake disc when replacing the brake pads, assure the brake effect, and prolong the service life of brake disc and brake pads.

7. Besides working on the car, OTCL500 can also work off-car. Any brake disc that is unable to approach by on-car lathe, can be taken out and then lathe on OTCL500. Only a few installation steps are new and OTCL500 can be changed between on-car and off-car. That is more flexible and labor-efficient. Dual-functions on one machine are definitely a money-marking tool for all customers.



One year warranty.

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